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Soon we will offer investment into German SME for private and institutional customers.

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ProNoblis begrüßt den neusten Standort in der Gruppe. Seit 01.07.2023 ist unser neuer Vertriebsstandort geöffnet.

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"ProNoblis" is derived from the Latin language. Freely interpreted, it means as much as "We for us" – and thus describes the core of our philosophy. Because ProNoblis is help for self-help: from us, for us. Since 2003, we have been working successfully to bring both companies and investors together and to create alternatives to bank offers – we understand ourselves as a provider of financing solutions for SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) and as an wealth accumulation partner for private and institutional investors. We merge our competences within the ProNoblis AG since August 2018 as the predecessor company, which existed since 2013 was formally transformed into ProNoblis AG.

We provide SMEs with working capital and fresh capital (short- and medium loans and equity-replacing subordinated loans). At the same time, we offer private and institutional investors the opportunity to invest in 3 new asset classes created by ProNoblis (subordinated loans, loans and working capital) with attractive returns. 

We benefit from decades of experience in the credit business for granting of subordinated loans, loans and working capital to medium-sized companies and from our broad network: we maintain trusting and long-term partnerships with asset managers, family office managers, financial planners, insurance brokers and financial brokers as well as providers of insurance and investment products.

Our Solutions

Goods purchasing financing

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ProNoblis financing and asset classes

We currently offer our clients the following options for corporate financing / wealth creation:

1st asset class Working Capital / IBIF: InBetweener-Invoice-Finance: Planned, calculated pre/interim financing of goods orders with up to 90 days payment period. Trade credit insurance serves as collateral.

2nd asset class subordinated loans ( investments > 1 year maturity): provision of subordinated loans to improve the equity ratio of companies – always linked to investments. In advance, ProNoblis carries out an internal review and risk classification of the companies and projects. We thereby give corporate customers the opportunity to advance growth projects independently from bank financing and/or in addition to existing bank loans. In turn, private investors have access to a lucrative asset class with a return of investment between 5.5 and 9.0%, depending on the risk gradation.

3. asset class loans: Private customers can invest in short and medium-term loans in loan projects analyzed by ProNoblis. Short maturities create manageable capital commitment and risks with interest rates of 2.9 - 6.0%. All our loans are secured by promissory notes. Since 1530, world trade has been built up secured by promissory notes. We bring the most intelligent hedging instrument back into use – modern, simple, fast.

IBIF - ProNoblis' solution for Working Capital

Reasons for your cooperation with ProNoblis

Expertise & Consulting

Our experts are ready to help you with your questions.

Partner of the Mittelstand

We offer fast and easy solutions for Corporate Financing since 2013

Global network

ProNoblis is successful with it's network. Our partners are global and support you with your international activities.

ProNoblis AG
Who are we?

Success requires the right partners – because right partners make a significant contribution to the success of a company.

ProNoblis AG is your partner for the procurement of industrial goods.
We negotiate prices and discounts for you with suppliers and give you the financial leeway you need to fulfill your short-term orders.

We are established since 2013 and a partner of the Mittelstand and are a public company since 2018. Additional to the full-service goods purchasing financing solution, we offer loans and subordinated loans. Institutional investors and private investors can invest directly into the German Mittelstand.

Experienced Management

Stefan Schmidt CEO ProNoblis AG

Stefan Schmidt

Stefan Schmidt worked for many years for various banking groups in the corporate customer business and was last responsible for the Business & Corporate Banking division of a major international bank in the North-Eastern region of Germany. He has also been an entrepreneur since 2003 and has managed several national and international companies with success.

Fotografie Ulrich Rump

Ulrich Rump

Ulrich Rump is a lawyer with his own law office in Berlin. He has expertise and many years of experience in various specialist disciplines, such as claims management. In addition, he has been active as an entrepreneur for many years and has successfully been involved in several companies.

Bild Prof Dr Georg Donat

Prof. Dr. Georg Donat

Prof. Dr. Georg Donat was a authorized representative at a major international bank in Leipzig. He is a member of several supervisory boards. As a board member (president) he manages the Marketing Club Leipzig, which has developed into a meeting place for executives from business, science, culture and administration.

SUSAN FRIEDRICH @fnuernberger_SW

Susan Kessler

Susan Kessler ist seit mehr als 10 Jahren Vorstand der IMW Interessenvereinigung Mittelständische Wirtschaft e.V. . Sie ist auf die präventive Lösung von Herausforderungen in der Betriebswirtschaft und im Marketing für KMU fokussiert. Zudem ist Frau Kessler eine Allfinanzexpertin und war jahrelang als Produktmanagerin für den Asset Management Bereich einer namhaften banknahen Vertriebsorganisation verantwortlich.


The consequences of the financial crisis, stronger regulations (Basel IV) and the withdrawal of banks from this segment are making it increasingly difficult for companies to finance their growth, trade and investments. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in particular have problems adapting to the completely different capital market situation. Unlike in earlier upswings, they are no longer able to rely on traditional bank loans in the usual extent. Based on this, financing needs of companies are rising continuously. Especially for SMEs which, due to their size, have no or only very limited access to alternative financing possibilities via public capital markets.

Furthermore, due to the continuously low interest rates, the demand of private investors for innovative and lucrative investment products has risen enormously.
ProNoblis offers innovative financing instruments to SME as a supplement or/and alternative to working capital loans and overdraft facilities. With more working capital, companies can secure their liquidity flow and finance the purchase of goods and projects and in a structurated and targeted manner. 

ProNoblis offers innovative financing instruments to SME as a supplement or/and alternative to working capital loans and overdraft facilities. With more working capital, companies can secure their liquidity flow and finance the purchase of goods and projects and in a structurated and targeted manner. We are thus closing the structural gap in the supply of credit for small and medium-sized enterprises, which has become wider since the financial crisis. We give SMEs access to highly attractive financing alternatives that are much faster and less complicated than factoring, supplier loans or bank loans. At the same time, investors can build up their own assets purposefully.

Our sales hubs

These days more and more providers of alternative financing for SMEs can be found on the Internet. These however offer only a limited range of financing or investment possibilities. In addition, they neglect the most important factors for successful deals: trustful customer relations and sustainable collaterals.
ProNoblis is different - thanks to its local presence!
Exclusively digital is simply not enough for us, because it´s only digital. We intend by our direct contact with SMEs through the entrepreneurial association IMW e.V. (“Interessenvereinigung Mittelständische Wirtschaft e.V.”) to be present with ProNoblis offices locally at the substantial locations in the Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This process has started in 2019 and will be completed in 2020.
The future is digital, digital is good – but we do our business thanks to our proximity to the customers.
Only digital is only digital.
We can do both, by creating a traditional well-functioning
relationship sales organization with the advantages of the digital world
– speed, availability, cost optimization –
and reciprocally complement each other.
Comprehensive service, individual advice and fast credit processing included.
This is the only way to create sustainable customer relationships!

ProNoblis Vertriebsstandorte D-A-CH


No financing without collaterals, this is the only way to protect investors. In contrast to traditional banks, other online credit providers usually do not require collaterals from their customers. Experience has shown that this is a very high risk that can not be controlled with modern technology on it's own. This is why we do not broker unsecured loans that are classified as safe or risky solely based on a credit risk assessment. We hedge our business – and thus the money of our investors and shareholders – in two ways against possible risks: For example, loans are only issued in the amount of the approved trade credit insurance limit per company and promissory notes when collaterizing loans. 

Data Protection & Privacy

We don't need access to our customers' bank accounts. Corporate and private customers do not have to provide us with their account PIN, as in most cases with other providers. We want to preserve the right to privacy – especially in the digital era!


We create needs-based investment solutions for private investors and financing solutions for business customers – fair and transparent. We are the first company that intends to revolutionize the entire financial business world – to achieve a fair and meaningful coexistence of our economy and our society as well as for the prosperity of our investors. With ProNoblis, customers can make both: profit & a difference.

We all do better when we do better together.
ProNoblis - We for us.

Are you interested in working with us? As an entrepreneur, investor or network partner? Talk to us! We will gladly take time for a meeting on site to work out the best solutions for you.

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